• Starting up an Urgent Care Business by Purchasing an Existing One

    The urgent care business has really taken offNot every business has to start from scratch and work up from there. In some cases, it might be a good idea to buy a preexisting business in the same field in order to start your own. Here’s why that might be a good idea for an urgent care center.

    The urgent care business has really taken off lately, and there are plenty of them around to pick from. You can find one that is struggling or one where the owner is just ready to get out of the business and see if buying that urgent care center up is a possibility. The major benefit to this strategy is that you save money. You won’t pay a lot of startup costs because you’ll have a building, an established practice and many of the tools and even employees that you need for your business. That can save you a lot of time as well, meaning you can start to take income almost immediately.

    You’ll also have established customers to work with. Even if the business isn’t doing well, it likely has customers who come there regularly. You can put up a sign saying that it is under new management to distance yourself from the previous owners. That’s also a good way to bring new customers who live nearby but haven’t been impressed by what they heard about the old business.

    Buying up an old business can mean that you take on a lot of its old problems, but if you have a business plan in place and you devise methods for handling these problems head on, then you could bring this business out on the other side of the acquisition doing better than it ever has before. It all depends on how you handle it.

    You definitely need to prepare for problems upfront. You can’t just take over an existing business and put your own in its place and not expect some problems. Make sure you talk to the previous owners and get details as to what problems they ran into so you can formulate a plan for dealing with them.

    There’s plenty of benefits to starting over with a preexisting urgent care center, and you can make it work while quickly making a profit, if you plan carefully.

  • Does it Make Sense to Pursue an Insurance Claim with a Public Adjuster?

    Filing a homeowner insurance claim or business claim often involves processes and procedures that are unfamiliar and complex. This, in addition to excessive demands of time required with filing a claim, will cause claimants to consider if hiring a public adjuster will increase their claim settlement and ease the insurance claim process.

    public claims adjuster negotiates an insurance policy settlement

    A recent article on CNN Money about the storm damage insurance claim process and public adjusters confirmed that considering a public adjuster could be the right decision in certain situations.

    While most other states allow claimants to engage their own insurance adjuster to help document and negotiate property insurance claims, there are situations when it doesn’t make financial or practical sense to hiring a public adjuster.

    When to Avoid Hiring A Public Adjuster

    A public adjuster can be engaged for different types of claims such in areas such as water damage, fire, storm damage etc. Here are a few scenarios when it would not make financial sense to hire a public adjuster regardless of the type of claim filed:

    • If the property insurance claim is valued at less than $20,000.
    • If the insurance company has fully accepted liability of the claim.
    • If the claimant has sufficient time daily to delegate towards the proper management of the claim.
    • If the insurance claim process is progressing at a quick and acceptable pace.

    As with any hired professional, it’s important to thoroughly consider all potential public adjuster candidates. A reputable pubic adjuster will not make any financial promises without reviewing your insurance policy and damage estimates. He or she should also offer to review claim documents and meet with potential clients free of charge.

  • Are You Working Your Tax Deductions?

    vehicles donated to childrens miracle networkOne of the most common itemized deductions is donations to qualifying tax-exempt organizations. However, the rules pertaining to such deductions have been tightened in the recent past and the IRS is giving keen scrutiny to this section of tax returns. Therefore, you need to apply more caution the next time you are claiming deductions against a donation you make. Below is a guideline as to some of the important aspects of donations that you need to keep in mind:

    Confirm Eligibility of Organizations

    The first rule of donation is confirmation as to whether an organization is tax-exempt and certified to receive tax deductible donations. In June 2011, the IRS released a list of organizations that had lost their tax-exempt status. The organization had failed to file certain documentation as is expected by the law and have therefore, lost their tax-exempt status. The IRS has, however, put in place an arrangement for any organization that has lost its status to regain it. However, for the donors to these charities, it is his or her responsibility to check with this IRS’s list to confirm that an organization to which they are donating still has its tax-exempt status. The IRS has also announced that it will periodically update this list on their IRS website and that it would be wise to check the list each time before making a donation.

    For charity cars over $500, donors will require to provide the IRS with a copy B of Form 1098-C, section A of Form 8283 as well as the following information should be in order to the return: “A written acknowledgment from the charity involves a message and taxpayer identification number, the vehicle identification number, the donation date, and a statement of whether or not the charity provided any goods or services in turn for the car and, if that’s the case, a description and estimate from the fair market associated with the services or goods.” Donors who donate an automobile in Florida or some other state may even need to avoid wasting written evidence of the vehicle donation and also the fair market value of the auto.

    With the new law if your car sells for more than $500 at the auction where your car will be sold, the charity is obligated to send you a receipt that has your name and vehicle identification number or VIN of your car. They must also state that your donation was “arms length” which means that the person or organization you donated your car to is not related to you in any way whether it is your family or a business associate. They must also include the selling price of your car. This is the fair market value price. It is that simple. No more searching through records and books trying to find the right numbers to make your car donation tax deduction.

  • Plan Your Profession: Be a Wedding Planning Consultant

    Back then, hiring wedding planners is a luxury. As the number of couples who use the services of wedding coordinators rise, this part of the wedding industry showed a high potential for being a profession or career.

    a checklist for wedding plannersSuch viability is evident in the rising number of businesses that offers wedding planning services. The Internet also became the venue of this burgeoning industry in stretching its terrains even to technology and education sector. Several wedding planners now offer downloadable wedding planning software programs that serves as a guide to couples. Schools also now embrace the idea of offering wedding planning career programs.

    As its name suggest, wedding planners, also called wedding consultants, bridal consultants, and wedding coordinators, plan the big day. The question is why the demand for wedding consultants is continually rising.

    The Gatlin Education Services (GES) said that a professional wedding consultant is skilled in events planning and monetary management. GES provides online workforce to various colleges and universities for their career programs including certification for wedding planning programs.

    The skills include creativity on several aspects of design and decoration, insider’s knowledge with and network of the best vendors in town, and updated information on almost all areas of wedding ceremonies.

    GES further put weight on the role of wedding consultants by encapsulating in its job description every detail—it may be small or substantial—of the wedding, such as conception of theme and decorations, contracts, ceremony details, and industry formulas for deliveries.

    Specifically, a wedding consultant receives, makes, documents telephone calls, and schedules appointments with clients and vendors, assists clients with their wedding attire selection, tracks budget and plans projects, visits sites for venue selection, troubleshoots and solves problems, manages and delegates task, collects payments, and so on.

    With such arduous work of planning a wedding, several brides opt to hire wedding consultants. The SuperWeddings.com’s survey showed that 72% of recently married brides regretted not having hired a wedding consultant while 49% said that hiring one is the vital detail they missed about their entire weddings.

    It is no doubt the employment of wedding planners was projected to increase by 20% between 2006 and 2016, according to the United States Bureau of Labor and Statistics. In addition, wedding planners have a relatively high earning—a 10 – 15% of the total wedding expenditures.

    GES is just one of the many schools that spurred following the rise in the demand for such profession. GES standardized the curriculum, instruction, and evaluation of the Certified Planning Program across its partner schools. Since 1999, the SuperWeddings has been offering a certification program. An online program though, but it provides a close student – teacher relationship.

    We all specialize in the planning of a wide variety of events and wedding venues in Greenville, SC.

  • Staring Down Disaster: You Need a Recovery Plan

    disaster recovery planning basicsDisaster recovery and business continuity plans are just as important as business and marketing plans. A Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) is a business plan that describes how work can be resumed quickly and effectively after a disaster.

    An information technology disaster recovery plan (IT DRP) should be developed in conjunction, of course. Priorities and recovery time objectives for information technology should be developed during the business impact analysis and technology recovery strategies should be developed to restore hardware, applications and data in time to meet the needs of the business recovery.

    Disaster recovery and business continuity plans are just as important as business and marketing plans. Resource allocation – the people, places and things – is one of the most overlooked aspects of Business Continuity planning. FINRA is providing a template as an optional guide to small introducing firms to assist them in fulfilling their need to create and maintain business continuity plans (BCPs) and emergency contact person lists under FINRA Rule 4370.

    The Commodity Futures Trading Commission’s (CFTC) Division of Swap Dealer and Intermediary Oversight today joined the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) in issuing a staff advisory on business continuity and disaster recovery planning. To ensure that you are able to do business and that your systems can handle change, it is important to have a business continuity plan. If you have not already, consider creating a business continuity plan that is unique to your business.

    Business Continuity Planning is ultimately an insurance policy, and a function that you never want to test in earnest. As part of your business continuity planning process, you’ll need to identify the number of staff and skills required to perform and maintain the essential services/functions. Click on the link in each step to find more information and useful templates from BDC’s complete Business Continuity Guide.

    Every business continuity plan must be supported from the top down. This is where a business continuity plan comes into play. Business continuity planning is vital to survival and should not be put off indefinitely as you focus on today’s challenges.

    As the University continues to develop an ever stronger culture of resiliency, business continuity planning will continue as well. Once critical processes are identified and prioritized you will construct business continuity strategies around them in the third planning phase. The information can be gathered in one or more business unit planning meetings and then using special planning software known as LDRPS, the information is entered into the system.

    This step addresses how organizations should test” their business continuity plans. This step addresses how organizations should develop” business continuity strategies. I think we all have come to understand that business continuity and recovery planning are important for all organizations to invest time and effort in, no matter what their size.

    Business Continuity Planning is designed for use by entry-level professionals as well as by interested non-professionals. A business continuity plan essentially helps you, as the business owner, to identify in a step by step process, what your risk exposures are in the business and how to best address these exposures. And, lastly, assign responsibility, manage the planning effort, and ensure continual improvement of your planning approach and outcomes by implementing a business continuity program that adheres to the principles of a management system.

  • Express or Bust: Get That Contract Across Town Fast

    Express document deliverySupersonic Sameday UK understands that deadlines are always important. Sometimes, however, they’re more important than at other times. When you need to get that contract, agreement, or other vital statement to its destination reliably, securely, and quickly, you want express document delivery from a firm that you can trust to never let you down. There’s only one firm in the United Kingdom with a proven track record from over 200 private, corporate, and government clients past and present. That company is Supersonic Sameday UK, the country’s premier secure document delivery services with a guarantee of same-day delivery in 24 hours or less.

    • The absolute best service. Supersonic’s service, as dozens of client testimonials will assert, is second to absolutely none. Whether it comes to the timely pickup, the express delivery, or their top-notch and highly professional customer service, Supersonic Sameday UK treats each and every client with the utmost respect. Every package, parcel, and document delivered is afforded vital regard as being of the absolute and utmost importance. Supersonic treats your deliveries with a level of concern normally appropriated to one’s own personal possessions.
    • The most affordable (high) quality. Supersonic Sameday UK offers the most well-equipped, highly trusted, and expertly trained professional courier drivers. Our drivers use the latest in GPS and security technology to ensure that your documents stay safe, and that they never become lost or turned around. They know the best routes to get across town, or across the country. Thanks to our network of delivery professionals waiting for a handoff, you don’t need to worry about a driver having to stop for fuel. For all this – every bit of reliability and punctuality that you could hope for as a client – the rates which Supersonic offers are on a par with those offered by 2-3 day delivery firms. They provide the best service, and at the most competitive prices you could possibly hope for.

    Express document delivery implies several things. It implies reliability. It implies safety, and security, assuring that your vital documents, contracts, and other agreements will arrive at their destination on time and without any tampering. It implies a degree of professionalism not found in 2-3 day delivery firms. There are plenty of businesses offering document courier and parcel transit services which are reliable “enough,” and which work “well,” but if you want the best then leave the rest alone. Turn to the one service that will have your contract in our hands within the hour – and at your destination within the same day.

  • Promote Yourself: Embroidered Hats for Brand Awareness

    One of the oldest means in marketing by which people have long promoted awareness of their brand or identity is through the distribution of customized products. Just think about all of those custom pens you’ve encountered over the course of your life; how many have you seen, honestly? Hundreds? More likely thousands. At this point, they’re hardly memorable; pens, and similar items, aren’t where we normally look to find information about things. They fill a specific function, and that’s about all we need them for. We go through disposable pens like they’re candy, disdaining the more economical refillable option because it’s simply not enough of a hassle to make the slight savings over time worthwhile for most.

    Why Hats Work

    When someone is wearing a hat, you’re immediately presented with it. The eye is drawn to the front of the hat, particularly if it’s displaying information which we’ve never before seen. If a hat is obviously of considerable quality – made with good materials, and put together in durable fashion, with an aesthetically pleasing design – it encourages the viewer to think positively about the information it conveys. Thus, a well-made embroidered hat can be an excellent, passive, and long-term marketing tool that will continue to drive traffic to your business or brand for years to come – particularly in the modern digital age, where a person has only to whip out their cellphone and punch up your Web address to have a look at what they’ve got on offer.

    Our Products and Services

    These embroidered hats represent years’ worth of experience in the design of promotion for any brand, product, or service. They’ve made hats for special events, for fund-raisers, and for conventions and other large-scale social gatherings. The hats are designed to last for years, to endure prolonged exposure to the elements, and to hold up under regular use – with a minimum of care and maintenance – while continuing to appear attractive and appealing to those who see them. They’re great collector’s items; think about it. How many people throw away hats? A hat is one of those things that people seem to just instinctively hold on to.

    They’re only too happy to share our expertise, born of years of experience, with our customers. Advice and suggestions on color, style, and other elements of logo design are available for the asking. Founder Chris Kicidis is himself more than willing to weigh in with his own advice on how best to portray a brand or a cause – how to make your hats stand out, so that they get people talking, and remind them of what it is you want them to remember, even for years to come.

  • Put a Twist In Your Promotional Strategy

    Tired of the same-old trinkets but want to try some of the most unique trade show giveaways and want to ‘spice it, yo’ for your next trade show? You bet. Everyone’s already got a t-shirt with the company logo on it. And three embroidered ballcaps, a couple mugs, you get the point. Read on to get some unique promo giveaway ideas for your next event.

    custom hatsSome companies have wised up and started handing out plastic bags with their logo imprinted on them. How about taking it one step further and get backpacks or messenger bags imprinted with your logo? It’s a lot more classy than a cheap plastic bag and definitely would be kept longer.

    Another unique giveaway is a universal USB charger for your car. People have so many devices these days it’s a pain to remember all your chargers and finding an outlet to charge. A universal USB car charger takes care of all of that. The only problem with the chargers is that your logo is only printed on one side. Unfortunately, it’s the upside-down side once it’s plugged into the car, so your customer wouldn’t see your logo, something to think about.

    There are plenty of other portable chargers out there that can be imprinted with your company’s logo. From solar-powered outdoor chargers to plug-free chargers that can charge multiple devices at the same time, you’re sure to find one that combines uniqueness with affordability.

    Reusable stainless steel cups and mugs are another great idea. They’re a little pricey, but people tend to hang on to them for a long time. Along the same lines would be a stainless steel cup that slides into the water bottle holder on bikes. If your demographic is into cycling, this would make a fantastic giveaway at a trade show.

    Another great idea for giveaways are reading glasses. Your logo would go on the case. You can get reading glasses with cases for under a dollar in bulk, complete with one color logo imprint. Everyone’s getting older, and the baby boomers are putting off the inevitable by buying reading glasses. Make sure you have a range of strengths available, from 1.5x to 4x, to take care of all your prospects.

    Many more unique ideas can be found in promotional catalogs. Don’t settle for the same old t-shirt and ballcap at your next trade show – get something that will stand out from the crowd. Remember, the goal is be memorable to your prospect and keeping your brand in front of them.

  • Careers in Science: Recruiters Are On the Prowl

    scientific recruitmentIf you have a scientific mind, you may find it easy to work out this equation: higher demand + reduced offer = more valuable. This is the exact adjective one could use to describe how important scientists are these days. Even so, the trend has been going down for many years, now. According to statistics, high school students who feel inclined toward science will ironically not pursue a career in science later on in college. Moreover, recent studies show that young learners who were considered top-of-the-class in science subjects at school have very little information on careers in science. This could be one of the reasons why most students switch their interests and take up a more popular study course.

    Their Loss is our Gain

    The number of students in science-related careers has plummeted greatly these past years. This means that we are losing whole generations of scientists who will not graduate in years to come. Consequently, companies that are interested in hiring professionals in the careers of science are on the prowl, looking for young professionals to take up the many job offers available for them. On the other hand, scientific recruitment is on the rise lately. Take the care of Kinetica, for instance. They are a recruitment consultancy that specializes in keeping track of opportunities in many fields, especially in scientific and medical or healthcare industries.

    What does Kinetica do?

    For more than ten years, this consultancy has devoted itself to providing a consultative approach to recruitment. Even when they are UK-based, they work with companies all over Europe, the US and in other countries around the globe, too. Kinetica works with small and large clients alike. In fact, their clients may include small family businesses, as well as large global enterprises. All of them trust the company’s experienced consultants with sometimes complex recruitment projects.

    What is Scientific Recruitment?

    Scientific recruitment involves many different specialized areas, such as physics, engineering, biology and chemistry, among many others, and deals with sourcing scientific staff on behalf of global, multinational or smaller, local or medium-sized companies. It is through recruitment consultancies that suitable candidates can be found for different clients worldwide. The type of industries that request scientific posts are pharmaceutical, chemical, biotechnology, neurovascular, orthopedic and many more. The type of role recruiters look for is also varied; anything from researchers to lab technicians is needed.

    What are the advantages of working with a Scientific Recruitment Company?

    For the Companies: For specialized companies in the fields of science or medicine, finding suitable candidates is like looking for a pin in a haystack. By resorting to a specialized recruitment consultant, such as Kinetica, however, they rest assured that suggested candidates will be fit for the post they are looking for. In addition, companies can also feel confident that candidates will be thoroughly screened and fully-tested.

    For the Candidates: There are many benefits for candidates who are looking for specialized jobs. To begin with, since scientific recruiters know exactly what the demands of the different companies are, they are able to find the right candidates for that specific post. Likewise, candidates can feel sure that they will not waste their time on interviews for posts they are overqualified for.

  • Investment Management for the Wealthy

    For those who are just starting out, and would want to invest their savings, they usually start out managing their own investment strategies. This is usually sound advice as long as the individual investor has sound financial understanding of investment, and investment instruments. There are those who have followed what has been called the “Warren Buffett way.” This is a simple investment strategy where an individual saves a part of his income, typically ten percent, and invest it long-term on blue chip stocks. The nature of blue-chip stocks is that historically these have a long history growth and dividends, and the future of these stocks seem to be more of the same.

    investment managersHowever, for those who already have the money, they would be better off with their own investment managers. For many wealth management firms in Toronto, like this one, there is a minimum amount of funds as a starting figure to invest. The clients for financial planners typically are already rich, but would want a professional to handle the investment of their cash. This is also one way of diversifying their portfolio.

    Those who avail of wealth management services have already made it in their own businesses or may have inherited the funds. The investment funds is usually separate from any company funds, and are free of any encumbrances to investing. It is usually the case that the client does not want the funds to be kept only in stocks, but in different instruments, which would create a buffer in case of a financial downturn. In addition, a long term investment in stocks might make the investor illiquid. The ability to convert investments to cash very quickly is sometimes a requirement.

    Through it all, the concept of a wealth management expert is to enable the investor more freedom and less worries. These professionals are usually certified, and have graduate degrees from reputable universities, besides having a proven track record in investing. Their success is their badge. With more success in handling clients, word of mouth follows and brings in more clients. It is a logical conclusion and result of their own success. On the other hand, there are some wealth management firms which started out investing their own funds, and carried over the service to others. For some investors this gives the firm the credibility, because they are investing their own money.